Intro to Eroticism Has No Face

Eroticism Has No Face samples the same root image I used in Abstract Ejaculation, an animation located in the Digital Hallucinations section of Illumination Gallery. Like other Digital Hallucinations animations, Abstraction Ejaculation is a purely visual exercise showcasing my animation skills. Herein I return to combining text and image, but in the form of hyper-linked still imagery, rather than animation. So with this set of ten image/texts, I launch the Illuminated Text Loops section of Illumination Gallery. Illuminated text loops meld text and image; only, with image/texts linked together by clicking anywhere on the image/text. Thus as you click your way through the 10 image/texts, you will discover that they form a text loop (i.e., the 10th image/text links contextually back to the 1st).

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