Intro to Twilight Veneer

Twilight Veneer isn't the first time I sampled an image from the Giants and Girls website. I Sing the Body Digital and Ghostly Manifestation are also rooted in images from Giants and Girls, whose collection of cinematic and comic book imagery I find truly surreal, evocative of dreams wherein seemingly innocent tableaus are imbued with inexplicable violence. Here the core image of a campy monster and the lovely young Heather Locklear (taken from The Return of Swamp Thing dynamically liquefies, engulfing the monster and Heather Locklear in a mercurial tapestry, a living membrane merging background and foreground. This is a highly textured animation, composed of 378 frames, lasting approximately 1 minute and 4 seconds, before looping. A high-speed Internet connection is required and I recommend using Firefox as your browser. Even with a high-speed connection, it may take a bit for the animation to fully load and commence playing at the rate it's supposed to play.

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