Writings Intro

Here are four examples of my writings. Regarding the three short stories, one, Blood Candy, is in the horror genre; the other two, Mermaid in Fishbowl and Flashing 12:00, are science fiction. Blood Candy deals with magic. Mermaid in Fishbowl and Flashing 12:00 concern tapping the magical properties of technology. Before I discovered computers, my outlet for exploring the relationship between magic and technology was science fiction. I have always been fascinated by what I deem the alchemical side of technology. Thus I felt true affinity for William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and the cyberpunk movement. Indeed, it inspired me to purchase a personal computer, which transformed me artistically. The ability to graphically transmute text and seamlessly incorporate imagery set me on a path leading to the animated texts found on Illumination Gallery. Of course, it was hardly a brief or easy journey. A major step along the way was writing about technology for webzines. Thus the fourth example of my writing is an article I wrote on Ted Nelson, who, more than anyone else, opened my mind to the visionary potential inherent in computers.

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