A Resonant Undercurrent Still Images Galleries Intro

For A Resonant Undercurrent I have decided to present two galleries. Gallery One is composed of what I believe are the 23 most powerful images in the animation, the images that I felt drove the animation dramatically. For me the other 29 images in the animation essentially set off these images. Gallery Two has all 52 images comprising the animation. Its purpose is to illustrate my editing technique/philosophy. The galleries are navigated in different ways. Gallery One can be navigated by clicking on the words “next image” or on the set of numbers below an image; Gallery Two is navigated by either clicking on the image itself or on the words “back” and “front.” When you reach the final image in Gallery One, if you click on “next image” it will get you back to the first image. Upon reaching the final image of Gallery Two, clicking on that final image or clicking “front” will land you on the first image. The root image for all these images was Linda Gulinson’s painting Prayer in the Plains.

Peter Schmideg

Gallery One

Gallery Two