Digital Liquidity Intro

The root image for the 20 transformations in this gallery was a black and white photograph of Harlean Carpenter. I have no idea whether the photograph was taken with a digital camera. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the photograph found its way from Harlean Carpenter’s Poetic Pinup website to the desktop of my computer, allowing me to perform the transformations. The photograph had been either scanned (if taken with a none-digital camera) and posted online or it had been directly uploaded onto the Internet from a digital camera. Either way, the image entered the digital domain, its internal structure redefined…suddenly made malleable: digital liquidity. To navigate the transformations, click on the images themselves or on the Previous Image or Next Image links.

The images in this gallery are available in high-resolution, extremely print-friendly versions. For details, click here.

Peter Schmideg

Digital Liquidity Gallery