Aphrodite in Cyberspace Intro

Aphrodite, whose mythological presence I find exceedingly raw, inspired these 15 transformations. I see nothing superficial or frivolous about the goddess of love. She did not spring whole from sea foam. Rather, she was a product of castration. Cronus and Uranus feuded. Cronus castrated Uranus, flung his cock into the ocean, and Aphrodite metamorphosed out of the bloody member, exuding shimmering light flowering from deep darkness. Harnessing the lovely image of Legs Malone, I celebrate Aphrodite. To navigate the 15 transformations, click on the images themselves or on the Previous Image or Next Image links. The transformations are available in high-resolution, extremely print-friendly versions. For details, click here.

Peter Schmideg

Aphrodite in Cyberspace Gallery