Intro to Charnel Mirror

I read somewhere that Daria Nicolodi's grandmother practiced witchcraft and that she herself became enamored of the occult as a teenager. She most definitely exudes a cinematic mysticism, and so does her wonderful daughter, Asia Argento. I dealt with Asia Argento's image previously on Illumination Gallery in Why Asia Argento? and Vampirical Tapestry. Both Daria Nicolodi and Asia Argento have appeared in horror films directed by Daria Argento, who was Daria Nicolodi's lover and fathered Asia Argento. Charnel Mirror plays off the indelible fact that Daria Nicolodi and Asia Argento's auras were honed by the horror genre. Charnel Mirror is composed of 10 image/text still frames, which form a text loop (i.e., the 10th image/text links contextually back to the 1st). Using your mouse or trackball, click anywhere on the image/texts to make your way through the piece.

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