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I have been an actor, a playwright, a screenwriter, a film director, and a radio host/producer. In the late 1970's, after studying at New York University and the New School for Social Research, I worked as an actor in New York City and had my first plays produced off-off-Broadway. Later I wrote screenplays for ultra low-budget horror films and directed and produced experimental shorts. Earning an audio engineering degree in 1986 from the Institute of Audio Research, I became an independent radio host/producer. Topics for my radio programs included psychedelic drugs, Antonin Artaud, virtual reality, H.P. Lovecraft, comic books, Luis Bunuel, Lenny Bruce, UFOs, and the history of science fiction film music. Among the people I interviewed for radio were film director Roger Corman, novelist Robert Anton Wilson, techno visionary Jaron Lanier, composer Philip Glass, journalist R.U. Sirius, and drug guru Terence McKenna. My greatest radio achievement was Border Radio, a documentary based on Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford's book, which chronicled the heyday (1930-1965) of the Mexican border blaster radio stations from whence quacks, mystical singing cowboys, seers, and outrageous DJs like Wolfman Jack foisted themselves upon America's consciousness. From 1995 to 1998 I co-hosted and co-produced (along with B-Movie diva Debbie Rochon) Illumination Gallery, an online radio show that evolved into an online television show. Illumination Gallery covered subjects similar to those I had dealt with in radio. In 1998 I co-authored (with Gary Cook and Debbie Rochon) The B-Movie Survival Guide. Yet in the end I believe I can safely say that my entire career path led to the creation of this website. I describe why in the site's intro.

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