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Illumination Gallery has another links page wherein I pay homage to 5 artists/writers who had a deep influence on shaping who I am. This links page is personal. I am composing it in the form of a blog because it represents more than just a set of links to places online.

No one is more responsible for the web evolving into an all-pervasive medium than Ted Nelson. His masterful 1974 book, Computer Lib/Dream Machines, served as a rallying cry for harnessing personal computers as tools of artistic expression. Ted Nelson is perhaps best known for coining the terms hypertext and hypermedia. In the end, the web reduces itself to those two words. Thus in putting up a new links page for Illumination Gallery it is only fitting that the first link be to the man who for all intents and purposes invented the notion of the online link. In 2000 I interviewed Ted Nelson for an article I wrote.

I met Lance Strate online via the poetry community on MySpace. As a poet Lance feeds off our media environment. Not only did I discover that Lance and I had similar takes on electronic media, but we grew up in roughly the same timeframe in neighborhoods in Queens, New York quite near one another. I was initially drawn toward Lance purely on the basis of the poetry he posted on his MySpace profile page. Then I became aware that Lance is a founder the Media Ecology Association and has served as that organization's President since its inception. Lance is also currently the executive director of the Institute of General Semantics, founded by Alfred Korzybski. Reading up on media ecology and general semantics helped me bring my overall vision of media into a clearer perspective.

Poetry is the prism through which I view/conceptualize our starkly visual culture. Two modern poets whose work has inspired me are Harlean Carpenter and Jaey Peele. Harlean Carpenter describes herself as a poet, a model, and an instigator. Her website and MySpace page reveal a talented writer with a sharp wit & an intelligent/beautiful model who understands the stylistic nuances of pop culture. Jaey Peele and I share an affinity for haiku poetry. His writings (both on his blog and MySpace page) offer terse, crystallized insights.

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