Head 2009

The 1960s were on some levels a fascinating decade. People opened themselves up spiritually, culturally, and politically; yet it was also a frustrating time in that people were blind to the profound difficulties inherent to radical change. However, psychedelic drugs proved to be a transformative force by leaving their imprints on people's consciousness. Bob Rafelson's film, Head, is an artifact of the psychedelic 60s. The Wikipedia has a brief entry on the film you can read by clicking here.

The root image for Head 2009, the animation running above, is a photograph of the back of Anne Cox's lovely head. I believe Anne Cox and I share the common bond of being influenced by the 1960s without actually being products of the decade. We are approximately the same age (I base my approximation on the biographical details from our MySpace and Facebook pages), old enough to have been teenagers during the 60s, but too young to have been fully stamped by the general aesthetic or lack thereof that defined the period.

© 2009 Peter Schmideg

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