The Elusiveness of Consciousness

Web animation allows me not only to combine image and text, but also to animate text. The ability to do the latter has been a revelation to me as a writer. I truly approach text differently than when I was bound by the printed page. Yet there is only so much I know about writing. Thus I feed off other writers.

The animation running above was adapted from online portions of Burn Your Belongings, a novel by David F Hoenigman, a writer with a remarkable gift for stripping language of its artificial trappings. I adapted the text into an animated text loop, making the text turn in on itself. Something in me has locked into this text loop form. I find it forces words to justify lodging themselves in the reader's mind. My hope in adapting/animating the above text was to further strip language down to that raw level reflecting the elusiveness of consciousness.

© 2008 Peter Schmideg

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