Yo, Derrida!

Deconstructionist Jacques Derrida breaks verbal communication down into two distinct realms: phonemic and graphic. This transcends spoken and written as Derrida rejects the notion that written text was invented merely to visually render spoken language. In developing and honing the animated text form on Illumination Gallery I feel a deep affinity for Derrida, most especially his theory that written text is intrinsically - perhaps even organically - rooted in the graphical workings of the human mind. I believe the human mind is a graphic grid, perpetually expanding...or struggling to expand. Spoken language could never capture its intricacies. Paper-based written text offers at most a shadow reflection. Only the dynamic possibilities inherent in electronically generated, graphically configured text can bring the full complexity of the human mind into relief. As a web artist, I feel this is so with every fiber of my being.

The above animation lampoons my certainty. After all, one cannot approach such heady stuff without a sense of humor.

© 2005 Peter Schmideg

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