Ready for her Digital Close-Up

My first animated text was B-Movie Diva: a sprawling work composed of 143 brief animations. Hopefully, I have since fined-tuned the form. The focal point of B-Movie Diva was Debbie Rochon - or, more precisely, her image. Here I go back and explore her image again. I find Debbie exquisitely beautiful. She is today's ultimate B-movie diva. B-movie divas materialized with the advent of cinema as a mass medium. The Cult Sirens website offers an overview of them with a series of profiles. Debbie's profile is not included. Perhaps because she is the current queen of B-movies as opposed to a past queen.

Ready for her Digital Close-Up, the above animation, differs from my B-Movie Diva Debbie animations in that it's much deeper structurally. No animation in B-Movie Diva contained more than 10 frames or lasted longer than 20 seconds. There was no need for a high-speed Internet connection. Ready for her Digital Close-Up has 89 frames, lasts a shade under 3 and a half minutes before looping, and requires a high-speed connection. I mentioned on a previous Illuminated Sketchpad page how Brian Eno's vertical/horizontal view of audio influenced the way I approach digital art. For me web animation is all about discovering the true essence of an image through creating a shifting relationship between shape and color. Thus a digital close-up is more akin to pealing an onion than optically bringing a subject closer.

© 2004 Peter Schmideg

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