Intro to Blood Puppet Unbound

Lance Strate brought to my attention that Blood Puppet and other works of mine made-up of multiple animations posted on separate webpages pose the limitation of viewers/readers relying on a menu page for navigational purposes. Lance rightly pointed out that the menu page interrupted the overall aesthetic feel. This reminded me that when I first thought of creating works for the web what I had in mind were animated web scrolls: sets of animated texts posted atop each other on one page, with the viewer/reader scrolling down to view/read the imagery/text. As an artist/writer inspired by William Blake's illuminated texts and by illuminated scrolls/manuscripts/texts from all over the world, the idea of animated web scrolls seemed natural, until I realized that the animations comprising such scrolls loading onto a single webpage would prove a serious memory drain for most Internet connections. Of course, this was nearly ten years ago. Internet connections are faster today, making the web a more robust environment. So it is time for me to launch a new section of Illumination Gallery, devoted to animated web scrolls, with Blood Puppet Unbound, a re-presentation of Blood Puppet, which, I believe, really was meant to be experienced in this fashion. Yes, there are technical constraints. We're talking about 12 animations (altogether composed of 900 frames) running simultaneously. Thus I post Blood Puppet Unbound with a warning. The animations comprising it will take time to load and they will initially run jaggedly. A high-speed Internet connection is absolutely required. Still, it's very much worth stretching the boundaries of the web, and Legs Malone, around whose image these animations hinge, is better celebrated in scroll format because it truly brings out her wild, surreal beauty.

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