Intro to Marc Andreessen + M. C. Escher = ...?!!

I have no idea whether the rumor I refer to in Marc Andreessen + M. C. Escher = ...?!! is true or not. I first heard the rumor while working at the Pseudo Online Network in the mid-1990s, and I raise it in the context of this piece strictly as a humorous possibility that lends itself to imaginative graphical riffing. Suffice it that I have nothing but the deepest respect for Marc Andreessen, without whom Illumination Gallery could not exist, since the web in its current manifestation would not exist. Ultimately, my aim was to pay tribute to Marc Andreessen's achievement in shaping the web.

I owe a dept of gratitude to Ken Landry for sending me the 8 images I sampled for Marc Andreessen + M. C. Escher = ...?!!, which consists of two animations running at the same time, one above the other, on a webpage. The upper animation was sampled from the images sent me by Ken Landry; the lower animation was sampled from the text I wrote to indicate what I had in mind with the upper animation. What came to most please me was the manner in which the lower animation took on an almost organic shadow quality relative to the upper. Marc Andreessen + M. C. Escher = ...?!! is easily my most ambitious animated text. I can best describe the piece as an in-depth graphical meditation.

Marc Andreessen + M. C. Escher = ...?!! is a self-contained, extended animated text composed of two animations, each containing 160 images and lasting 8 minutes. Upon completion the animations loop. Lacking a high-speed Internet connection, the upper, more memory-intensive animation definitely needs time to fully load and trigger. Even with a high-speed connection patience is required. Still, I believe the piece lies at the cutting edge of where the web is evolving graphically, and with a high-speed connection it should take at most 30 seconds or so to fully load and trigger, with the lower - shadow animation - leading the way. Also, I recommend using Firefox as your browser.

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