Intro to Haunted Diva

I have always been fascinated by the performance/presence of actress Louise Brooks in G. W. Pabst's classic silent film Pandora's Box. There is something so "period" about both her performance and her presence. It is, on some levels, the ultimate silent film performance, precisely because Louise Brooks possesses a perfect silent film presence, and that's what makes her performance/presence in Pabst's film so "period." What's interesting today about the so-called silent film era is that it was aesthetically reducible to technology - or the lack thereof. Film had simply not evolved to using sound, and thus the art of filmmaking demanded visual purity. Performers positively melded with the camera. They developed an intensity beyond performers who could express emotions and thoughts through spoken language and vocal utterances. Films were strictly visual. Yes, text entered into the process with titles, but written titles offset performances instead of being a part of them. Performance stemmed from physical/spiritual presence. Unquestionably, sexuality played a role. Which brings me back to Louise Brooks. I thought performers like her existed only in the silent film era. Then I discovered Bianca Barnett, a model/actress, who describes herself as a "Silent Film Star of the New Millennium." I found myself enchanted. Haunted Diva is a product of that enchantment. Bianca Abel is truly a modern Louise Brooks. Composed of 488 frames, Haunted Diva is a deeply textured web animation, lasting approximately 2 minutes and 52 seconds, before looping. A high-speed Internet connection is absolutely required and I recommend using Firefox as your browser. Even with a high-speed connection, due to its density, the animation may initially run at a jagged rate. What I have learned from posting other deeply textured animations is that such animations often need to play through once before running at their proper rate. I do apologize for this inconvenience, but I feel it is necessary to constantly stretch the boundaries of the web as a medium.

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