Intro to Blake Unbound

Blake Unbound differs slightly from my other animated texts. Here text is animated separately from imagery, as the piece is about visiting William Blake's headspace. Because he was trapped within boundaries imposed by the printing press, text and imagery were separate entities Blake could only dream about fusing. Contradictorily, the printing press both stifled and liberated Blake. Through mastering its intricasies he could take his work to places no artist of his day dreamed about; yet at the same time it was scarsely his ideal tool, one with which he could weave visions balanced between text and imagery.

Blake Unbound is a self-contained, extended animated text composed of 60 images, having a duration of 3 minutes. Upon completion it loops. Lacking a high-speed Internet connection, the animation definitely needs time to fully load and trigger. Even with a high-speed connection patience is required. Still, I believe the piece lies at the cutting edge of where the web is evolving graphically, and with a high-speed connection it should take at most 30 seconds or so to properly load and trigger. Also, I recommend using Firefox as your browser.

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