Intro to Clandestine Exercise 1

Clandestine Exercise 1 strives to achieve the artistic goal of cross-pollinating text and image in a shared matrix. It is a fragmented animated text, broken down into 7 animations that vary in duration from 1 minute and 15 seconds (25 images) to 2 minutes and 21 seconds (47 images), then loop. The reason it is not presented as one giant animation transcends the amount of time it would take low-speed internet connections to load such an animation. My reason for fragmenting the piece comes down to the fact that the human mind processes in spurts, pausing - reflecting - between gulps of information and stimuli. Regarding the different rates at which low and high-speed internet connections load and trigger the animations in Clandestine Exercise 1: low-speed connections may require a little time, while high-speed connections should do so almost immediately or take at most 15 seconds.

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