Intro to The Alchemical Fabric of HTML

I first became aware of Julie Harnois when I sampled/processed one of her photographs for Virtual Reality Redux. Virtual Reality Redux referenced Antonin Artaud's essay, The Alchemical Theater, wherein he coined the term virtual reality. Artaud was deeply influenced by alchemy. He experimented with drugs like peyote to expand the boundaries of theater. Alchemy/psychedelia offered spiritual transformation. What initially drew me to the web were its innate transformative qualities, embedded into the HTML code comprising its fabric. If The Alchemical Fabric of HTML has a subject that subject is transformation. I used a photograph of Julie Harnois as the root image because she embodies both a link to Artaud artistically (she quotes him on her MySpace page) and culturally (she is part of the art scene in Paris, much closer in spirit to Artaud than Tribeca in New York City, where I abide). The Alchemical Fabric of HTML is a deeply textured web animation. It lasts approximately 5 minutes and 31 seconds before looping. A high-speed Internet connection is absolutely required and I recommend using Firefox as your browser.

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