Intro to Antique Futurist Nude Study

Antique Futurist Nude Study centers upon a sampled image of Bianca Barnett, with whom I share a fascination regarding silent cinema. While I consider myself an experimental artist, I am also rather old-fashioned, which perhaps explains my fondness for Bianca Abel. She presents herself to the public in a manner both outrageous and quaint. Antique Futurist Nude Study feeds off her persona. The piece is a loop, meaning it plays over and over. It is a deeply textured web animation, composed of 399 frames. A high-speed Internet connection is absolutely required and I recommend using Firefox as your browser. Even with a high-speed connection, due to its density, the animation may initially run at a jagged rate, lasting 3 times as long as its intended duration of 1 minute and 50 seconds. What I have learned from posting other computer memory intensive animations is that they often need to play through once before running at their proper rate. I realize this is awkward, but I believe there is a positive side effect. For me as an artist working in a new medium, transparency and process are very much related. Showcasing the process is part of the art. That initial slower run-through of the animation brings the process of its creation into relief.

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