Intro to Inner Tweaking

The four animations comprising Inner Tweaking were not originally meant to be presented together. Two first appeared as part of the now defunct Illumination Gallery Blog. I hadn't noticed any connection between the pieces until I added the Illuminated Sketchpad section to the site and thought about including them in it, since I felt none of the pieces were genuinely finished products. However, in studying the pieces I not only realized they were connected, but that they revealed something about their creator, and in connecting them I was completing them. For me the main reason to meld text and image is to render the inner workings of my mind. Such workings are beyond my control, existing at some cusp between madness and spirituality. The first two animations forming Inner Tweaking deal directly with this. The third animation pays tribute to painter Francis Bacon, who maintained the artistic discipline to capture visions he saw while slipping over the edge into madness. The final animation confronts religious fanaticism, with its root image lifted from the Army of God website. Truly, the four animations make up the perfect fragmented animated text in that they are related in a visceral yet abstract fashion. They range in duration from 18.7 seconds to 1 minute and 45 seconds before looping. A high-speed Internet connection is required.

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