Intro to Ode to Mary Kay

Ode to Mary Kay deals with Mary Kay Letourneau, the 6th grade teacher, who, after having an affair with a twelve-year-old student, ended up spending seven and a half years in prison. Upon Ms. Letournea's release earlier this month I began thinking about her and put this piece together. I feel a little awkward in that the piece is very positive in its attitude toward Ms. Letourneau; yet she so readily lends herself to the type of art I most want to produce these days: a mix of B-movies and surrealism. Come to think of it, is there such a thing as a surreal B-movie? Of course there is. One might even say that Luis Bunuel, the greatest surrealist of them all, specialized in making such films. Indeed, what initially drew me to Mary Kay Letourneau was her haunting resemblance to Catherine Deneuve in Bunuel films like Belle de Jour and Tristana. Ode to Mary Kay is a fragmented animated text broken down into 10 animations. All 10 animations have the same duration: 48.6 seconds. Upon completion they loop. A high-speed Internet connection is required.

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