Intro to A Techno Dreamspace (based on Storefront Diva and Park Eil Young)

Recently I attended a performance of Storefront Diva, staring Kathleen Supové, conceived/directed by Joan La Barbara, inspired by a dream imparted in Joseph Cornell’s journals. In Cornell’s dream Claude Debussy was playing the piano in a storefront window. In Storefront Diva Kathleen Supové played the piano in a “storefront window” on Bleecker Street. In point of fact, she was not actually in a storefront window, but behind two closed glass doors. The audience, gathered in the street, watches/hears her behind the glass doors. Stagecraft was involved in creating the illusion of a storefront. Bowery Boogie posted pictures of the performance, which I took advantage of for this animation, processing, melding them with images by 박일용 (Park Eil Young) I had previously processed. For me the animation evokes a techno dreamspace.

Animation duration: 55.9 seconds, before looping.

Peter Schmideg

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