Intro to Dynamic Digital Palette & Primordial Digital Ooze

I created Dynamic Digital Palette and Primordial Digital Ooze simultaneously. The animations complement one another other. Dynamic Digital Palette exemplifies the Flash format animations I have recently produced. Primordial Digital Ooze, while created in Flash format, harks back to the deeply textured animated GIFs I made for the Digital Hallucinations section of Illumination Gallery, beginning in 2005. Both animations incorporate root images of Harlean Carpenter, whose image I have been processing/animating/celebrating for some years now.

Dynamic Digital Palette duration: 42.9 seconds, brfore looping.

Primordial Digital Ooze duration: 38.9 seconds, before looping.

Peter Schmideg

View Dynamic Digital Palette

View Primordial Digital Ooze