Intro to Prismatic Nightscape

Electricity is the lifeblood of all modern cities, big and small. The computer whereon I write these words suckles electricity. I live in New York City. No city on earth is more dependent on electricity. From economic data flowing on Wall Street to electric guitars blaring in clubs, it is all part of an electronic grid. City nightscapes are the perfect symbol of our electronic age, retaining an old nostalgic tinge, while embodying our terrible fragility. If suddenly the lights go out, our worst fears are laid bare. Simple truth: if the lights go out, if somehow the electronic grid implodes, life as we know it ceases. The electronic grid allows us to live fairy tale existences. I found some lovely New York City nightscape photographs on Sylvie Ball’s Facebook page. This animation riffs off one of them.

Animation duration: 22.6 seconds, before looping.

Peter Schmideg

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